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The Kentucky HIA recently hosted a Building with Hemp Workshop in Lexington! Check out the following articles and photos from the event!

Kentucky-grown hemp will insulate the walls of this house

Kentucky's First Hemp Insulated Home Under Construction


Additionally, the Kentucky Government continues to lean in to support the development of hemp as the Kentucky Department of Agriculture as well as State and Local Counties provide grant money to Hemp Food company Victory Hemp Foods for marketing and processing equipment.

Tennessee HIA:

This quarter has been very exciting for the TNHIA. Our legislative initiative (Public Chapter 369 - 2017) passed both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly unanimously and was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam on May 11. Many thanks go to our prime sponsors (Senator Frank Niceley and Representative Jay Reedy) as well as to our cosponsors (Speaker Steve McDaniel, Representative Jeremy Faison, and Representative Pat Marsh).

The law makes any topical or ingestible industrial hemp derived products fully and completely legal for sale and possession in the state of Tennessee as long as the products do not exceed the 0.3% threshold.

The legislation makes it legal to procure genetics (whether from seed or clones) from landrace and non-certified varieties as long as the 0.3% threshold is not exceeded. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture will act as the registrar and clearing house for these genetics as part of our state’s industrial hemp pilot program. Our continued appreciation goes out to our regulators as they work as a partner with the TNHIA to encourage hemp production and economy.

We are also, in lieu of federal legislation that would make it unnecessary, waiting for an opinion from the Tennessee Attorney General regarding the exchange of plant genetics between states with pilot programs in place. This seems like a no-brainer, but we certainly want to remain fully compliant with bot state and federal law. Other states are doing it, and the TNHIA just wants to make sure that Tennessee farmers are not placed at a disadvantage in the global marketplace. We appreciate all efforts from Colleen, HIA national staff, and the Hoban Group in keeping DEA and FDA at bay in regards to their insistence upon promulgating legislative rules in violation of the law.

On the local side, we had our first non-Murfreesboro, chapter meeting in June. It was at the Edney Innovation Center in Chattanooga’s historic downtown in conjunction with Local Hemp Chattanooga’s annual hemp festival. Many thanks to all who attended our meeting, particularly those who joined the TNHIA, as well as to those who had booths educating the public and selling wonderful industrial hemp derived products.

Our next meeting will be at the TSU Agricultural Extension Center in Clarksville TN, where TNHIA board members and hemp graduate students, Clint Palmer and Cody Seals, will be presenting on industrial hemp agronomy. Our special guest will be Representative Jay Reedy who will let us know how is hemp crop is coming along as well as new insights on the legislative process going forward.

Colorado HIA: Check out the latest from the Colorado Chapter!

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