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  • 20 Mar 2017 10:06 AM | Erin Pully (Administrator)

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    International Cannabis Corporation: ICC Enters Into MOU and Presale Agreement with Emblem Corp. Setting in Motion a Framework for the Importation of CBD Into Canada 

    Elixinol: Respira, New Multi-Use Hemp Tinctures from Elixinol, Can Be Taken Orally, Topically, or as a Vape | Patients Suffering From Epileptic Seizures in Brazil Have New Relief Options

    The Hemp Phone Book: The 2017 Hemp Phone Book  will be printed and distributed in the Summer of 2017 to approx. 2000 Hemp Related Business Owners & Mangers in The US & Canada. Members of The HIA and other verifiable Hemp Related Businesses are eligible for a COMPLEMENTARY LISTING by calling 970-532-3008 or by emailing hemp@theMJdirectory.com . Deadline for early bird advertising discounts is April 15th, 2017. The 2017 Hemp Phone Book  will include Hemp Related Products, Hemp Related Services, Hemp Clothing, Hemp Botanicals/CDB/Oils and other helpful hemp related listings. 

    CV Sciences: CV Sciences, Inc. Launches First Online Education Platform for Retail Sales Associates and Industry Professionals | Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney, ND and CV Sciences' VP of Human Nutrition, Stuart Tomc, talk to Fox 5 San Diego about PlusCBD Oil’s line of Hemp-Derived CBD Products.


    Founders Hemp: Founder’s Hemp is happy to announce a completion of our seed round of capital financing and breaking ground on our new Hemp Food Processing plant in Asheboro, NC.  Founder’s was the first registered processor under the NC Pilot Program and our plant is the first announced Hemp Food plant in the state.  www.foundershemp.com

    Hemptopia: Hemptopia supplies blank hemp promotional material to hemp companies looking to brand on original, authentic and organic hemp items. We stock blank hemp tote bags, baseball caps and blank t-shirts to be screen printed or embroidered. For more information visit: http://www.hemptopia.com/hemp-services/

    Colorado Hemp Company / NOCO Hemp Expo: NoCo Hemp Expo 4 Confirms Programming Details for March 31-April 1 Event


    March 10, 2017 Boulder, Colorado 

    CBDRx and Functional Remedies, the world’s premiere hemp farms and nutraceutical hemp product lines, now set to open a new state of the art hemp production facility in Boulder, Colorado.

    CBDRx and Functional Remedies announce expansion into their new cutting edge hemp production facility. The 15,000 square foot facility will feature the hemp industry’s leading analytical lab, the new Functional Remedies large scale manufacturing lab, a genetic research lab, and corporate offices. The new facility is expected to increase the production of their highly sought after hemp extracts tounprecedented capabilities. “I see this as a great opportunity to create jobs in our home town” said Tim Gordon, CBDRx CEO and Principal at Functional Remedies, “This facility will serve as a model for hemp production facilities,” said Gordon. “As CBDRx and Functional Remedies expand, so does the hemp industry, and Colorado is leading the way,” Gordon explained. 

    Functional Remedies produces the highest quality hemp extracted oils and hemp based products. Founded in 2014 CBDRx is the leader in providing high quality phytocannabinoid rich hemp in agriculture. 

    Hemp Highway of Kentucky:

    The Seed and Fiber of Wealth: A New Documentary Film Chronicling the History of Hemp Production in Kentucky

    LEXINGTON, KY – Witnessing History, LLC, a producer of documentary films on Kentucky and American history, and Hemp Highway of Kentucky, LLC, the organizer and promoter of the tour route through central Kentucky chronicling the history of hemp production in the State, have entered into a collaborative agreement to produce a fifty-six minute documentary film for public and cable television on the history of hemp production in Kentucky. 

    No crop was more significant to the growth and development of Kentucky than hemp. An annual plant of Asian origin, hemp was brought to Kentucky from Virginia by the earliest pioneer settlers. Far from centers of civilization, those pioneers raised hemp in order to use its fibers to make clothes, headgear, paper, rope, blankets, bags, floor coverings and other articles. Its seeds were used to make lamp oil, butter, flour, and chicken feed. As Kentucky became more and more settled hemp became the Commonwealth’s greatest cash crop. New Orleans became Kentucky’s principal marketplace for hemp as it was for whiskey. In the early Nineteenth Century, the fledgling United States Navy outfitted many of its ships with halyards and rigging made exclusively from Kentucky hemp ropes; the sails, likewise, were mostly made of Kentucky hemp. The vast production of Kentucky hemp thus played a role in America’s victory over Britain in the War of 1812. Up until the 1850s, Kentucky produced most of the hemp grown in America. 

    Among Kentucky’s most influential people were those whose fortunes were tied to the production of hemp. Lexingtonians John Wesley Hunt, James Morrison, Robert S. Todd, Thomas and Peter January, Benjamin Gratz, Thomas and Nathaniel Hart, John Brand, and Henry Clay were either very large hemp producers or manufacturers of hemp products, or both. The wealth they garnered in the heyday of hemp production contributed immensely to the growth of Transylvania University, among other central Kentucky institutions. Lexington became the epicenter of the hemp industry, producing vast amounts of cloth, rope, and sheeting from hemp. By the end of the Civil War, and with the emancipation of slaves, the use of hemp fell into a decline. Hemp would become a subject of nostalgia; noted Kentucky novelist, James Lane Allen, would write about the raising of hemp in romantic – and near poetic – terms in his 1900 novel, A Tale of the Kentucky Hemp Fields. Although revived during World War II, the raising of hemp in America had ceased altogether thereafter largely due to federal government interference. Hemp, however, is now on its way back! 

    The documentary film will chronicle the remarkable story of hemp production in Kentucky and will be magnificently illustrated with period portraiture and early photographs of prominent hemp producers, as well as mid-Nineteenth Century photography of the vast hemp fields and those who labored in them. Footage of sites critical to the story of hemp production will be filmed in many of the counties in central Kentucky. The dependence of hemp production upon the institution of slavery will be carefully chronicled. The film will end with an examination of hemp’s resurgence. It will take approximately fifteen months to produce the film. 

    “I am thrilled to collaborate with Daniel Isenstein and Hemp Highway of Kentucky in the production of such a film. It is a film I have long wanted to produce and this collaboration with Daniel Isenstein and Hemp Highway of Kentucky has made it possible,” said Kent Masterson Brown, President and Content Developer for Witnessing History, LLC and Witnessing History Education Foundation, Inc. of Lexington. Witnessing History has produced nine award-winning films that are regularly broadcast on KET and other American and foreign networks, including: “I Remember The Old Home Very Well:” The Lincolns in Kentucky, Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West, Henry Clay and the Struggle for the Union, The Civil War in Kentucky, and Bourbon and Kentucky: A History Distilled

    "I cannot put into words how humbled and excited I am to be working with master storyteller Kent Masterson Brown and Witnessing History on a film that shows how hemp weaves all through the Kentucky historical narrative," said Daniel Isenstein, President of the Hemp Highway of Kentucky, LLC. The Hemp Highway of Kentucky is dedicated to expanding tourism opportunities throughout the Bluegrass region by exploring Kentucky's fertile hemp history. 

    HempMeds Mexico: Study Results: Medical Marijuana, Inc. Subsidiary HempMeds® Mexico Announces Release Of Study Using Its Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ To Treat Epileptic Children

    The Wonder Seed: 

    The Wonder Seed Wins 1st International Awards!

    Newport Beach, CA – May 16, 2017 – The Wonder Seed, the most effective line of hemp seed oil skin and hair care products, has just won their first international awards with The Beauty Shortlist in the UK!  Their Hemp Conditioner won Best Conditioner and their Hemp Hand Cream Won the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Hand Cream.  “Brands from 38 different countries entered so it’s an exciting win since we were competing with some of the world's top brands” says The Wonder Seed Co-Founder, Theresa Hellings.  “I am privileged to be educating the world from this platform! Save the world and look good doing it!  When I saw what our hemp seed oil body care did for my skin and hair, I started eating hemp every day too so I could get it from the inside out!  It’s the most nutritious thing you can eat or put on your skin.”

    Hemp seed oil, in all Wonder Seed products, is the most nutritious oil on Earth.  It has a long list of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E), minerals (including magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc), amino acids (all 10 humans need), and a perfect ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 for human absorption.  This remarkable oil provides nourishment and protection deep at the cellular level, providing excellent healing, rejuvenating and moisturizing benefits:

    • Absorption delivers nutrients deep into the cellular level giving skin & hair a radiantly healthy glow
    • Facial products soften skin texture, balance oil and help clear up acne, eczema, rosacea & psoriasis
    • Hair products help clear up dry, itchy & flaky scalp and give you your best hair day ever
    • Ultra moisturizing with a healthy dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

    At The Wonder Seed, all products are designed to give you an extreme and dramatic improvement that you’ll notice after using only once or twice.  The fifteen item product line ships worldwide from Amazon.com 

    Hemp, if put to all its uses, replaces toxic plastics and water-wasting cotton fabrics.  Hemp paper would save trees.  Hemp crops actually nourish the soil instead of leaching nutrients from the soil and they grew hemp after the Chernobyl nuclear accident to clean the radiation.  Ford knew all this when he built his hemp car which also ran on hemp biofuel.  

    For more information, call (866) 877-5378 or visit www.thewonderseed.com

    NuLeaf Naturals: NuLeaf Naturals recently launched their hemp CBD oil pet product on their website. This product has shown great success with a variety of mammals including dogs, cats, horses, and more. They graciously want to extend an exclusive discount to the Hemp Industries Association subscribers: "hemp20" for 20% off your entire order.

    Hemp Technologies: HEMPCRETE WORKSHOPS! Hemp Technologies, builders of the first fully permitted home in the U.S., is conducting Hempcrete Workshops throughout North America, including in Lexington, KY in tandem with HIACON 2017! Lexington attendees are in for a special treat because Hemp Technologies globally recognized President industrial hemp expert Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc, B.GS, P.Ag. will join world class Instructor Joy Beckerman to conduct this workshop. There are still a few spots left for the 4/3/17 Longmont, CO Workshop scheduled in tandem with NoCo4! Additional dates are 4/12/17 Seattle, 5/8/17 Vancouver, BC, 6/11/17 Montego Bay, JA, and 6/25/17 San Francisco. These dynamic and engaging single day workshops on the fascinating science of carbon sequestering, mold-, rot-, fire-, and pest-resistant hempcrete include the hand-mixing and forming of your own sample block. Register now!

    The Hemp Advocate: The Hemp Advocate, is a Hemp / Cannabis / Marijuana focused e-Newsletter and Advisory. The goal of The Hemp Advocate is to enlighten, educate, update and collaborate with individuals and businesses within this space. The Hemp Advocate also strives to eliminate the stigma, misrepresentations, outright lies and falsehoods that have, unfortunately, beset this miracle plant for nearly 8 decades. We vigorously attempt to provide current information and share the vast amount of benefits this incredible plant can provide. From giving new life to our rural family farmers, creating thousands of jobs, improving the lives of countless medical patients, enhancing economies world-wide, food, fuel, fiber; the ever-evolving attributes, too long to list.

    The Hemp Advocate (www.thehempadvocate.com) is pleased to announce that we have made available on our site, the full line of HempMeds(R) CBD Hemp Oil Products. From RSHO, Green, Blue and Gold, Hemp Oil paste and capsules to the complete line of Dixie Botanicals and more.... We are excited to provide these high quality health product options to our community.

    Hemp Ace International: Seattle-based Hemp Ace International is busier than ever now that Washington State is preparing for its first legal industrial hemp planting in app. 90 years! Principal Industrial Hemp Specialist Joy Beckerman, who is also the President of the Washington HIA Chapter, is plowing through the growing field of legal support and advisory needs of her global and regional clients while weaving together the fibers of agriculture, infrastructure, and marketing of hemp in her State. Joy is also traveling throughout North America for a spectrum of speaking engagements, and as the Lead Hempcrete Workshop Instructor for Hemp Technologies, builders of the first fully-permitted hempcrete homes in the U.S. The “Hemp Ace,” as she is known, is thrilled to present on hemp building materials for Hemp Technologies at the Build Expo Jamaica Conference in June. Need an excuse to visit Jamaica? Come to the Hempcrete Workshop in Montego Bay

    Kahush: New HIA Member Kahush's mission is to create innovative high quality gear that reflects their love and devotion to the great outdoors. By utilizing the most versatile natural fiber around, hemp, they strive to meet their customer's functional needs while addressing environmental concerns. Check out their website and kickstarter campaign

    RxCBD: We're excited to announce that RxCBD has been accepted into Telluride Venture Accelerators' 2017 program! RxCBD creates, manufactures, and markets industrial hemp CBD-infused products for pets and their people.   

    This is the 5th year of the program, and building on the success of the past four years, we're especially excited to introduce our largest, most international, and latest stage group of companies yet.

    The teams will be on-site in Telluride starting the first week of March and culminating on June 30th with a Demo Day and community showcase. Throughout the program, the teams will have access to our network of almost one hundred mentors and they will get to work directly with some well known experts in their fields to dive deep into many aspects of their business. 

  • 15 Feb 2017 3:46 PM | Erin Pully (Administrator)

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    JungmavenNew at Jungmaven are the 100% hemp duvet cover, sheets (top and bottom) and pillow cases. Jungmaven hemp woven sheets are soft out of the box and get softer with each wash.  We love the weight of a single top sheet in the summer and the softness underneath a down comforter in cooler months. Find them HERE

    Hemp Highway Tours of Kentucky: Kentucky Hemp Highway hopes to provide education about hemp history ; The Hemp Highway of Kentucky is extremely pleased at the warm reception we have received in small towns across the Bluegrass and look forward telling the story of Kentucky through the story of hemp.

    Salveo Capital, LLC: Salveo Capital Invests in Ancillary Companies Headset & Frontrange Biosciences

    Major Hemp: Sipp Industries Enters Agreement with Colorado Draft Distributors to Distribute "Major Hemp Brown Ale" ; Sleeping Giant and Major Hemp Collaborate on New Hemp-Seed Beer

    Hemptopia: Hemptopia has new hemp t-shirts and hemp leaf socks available now! 

    Arthur J. Gallagher & Co: AJG is a world class provider of risk management and commercial services. They offer all forms of risk from Property, Workers Compensation, Product Liability, Professional Liability and more. They were recently named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies for 2016! If you are interested in learning more visit their WEBSITE

    Doug Fine: Doug Fine, author of Hemp Bound and HIA member since 2014, tells us his Family Green Vermont Hemp is finishing bottling its first round of a delightful farm-pressed Hemp in Hemp product. A hair and skin conditioner, muscle rub, and massage oil, each 100 ml bottle is made entirely from The Family Green’s farm-pressed Vermont hemp seed oil infused with its flowers.Doug warns that even a single application may cause soothing of your sweetheart’s shoulders. “I use a tablespoon in the bath,” Fine says. “Softens my skin and relaxes me after a long day of goat ranching.” Look for product release announcement on Twitter @organiccowboy. And as Hemp Bound approaches its third anniversary of publication on 4-20-14, its message remains as valuable as ever: launching a hemp industry is hard work, but the payoff for earth and community is worth it. Catch Doug at live events around the world. 

    Chris Nelson (Kitty's Corner Guest Houses): "Hemp History - Feasibility Pilot Program" was presented to a The Friends Arrow Rock, Missouri 1st Saturday Lecture Series, to a standing room only audience.

    Paul Diaz (MotherEarth Plant): Arizona has introduced SB 1337, for industrial Hemp.

    Green Gorilla: Green Gorilla is proud to have their products included in the Official 59th Annual GRAMMY®Gift bag ; Green Gorilla Executive Steven Saxton Elected as New CEO - Chairman 

    The Hemp Advocate: The Hemp Advocateis a Hemp / Cannabis / Marijuana focused e-Newsletter and Advisory. The goal of The Hemp Advocate is to enlighten, educate, update and collaborate with individuals and businesses within this space. The Hemp Advocate also strives to eliminate the stigma, misrepresentations , outright lies and falsehoods that have, unfortunately, beset this miracle plant for nearly 8 decades. We vigorously attempt to provide current information and share the vast amount of benefits this incredible plant can provide. From giving new life to our rural family farmers, creating thousands of jobs, improving the lives of countless medical patients, enhancing economies world-wide, food, fuel and fiber; the ever-evolving attributes, too long to list.

    We just returned from The Emerald Conference in San Diego (a Cannabis science and extraction protocols event) and now currently in Orlando covering The Cannabis Investing Event at The Money Show. Hope to be sharing updates from these conferences shortly.

    Tara Lynn Bridal: With needle and thread Tara Lynn has been working to transform the misconception of the hemp Muumuu into a luxurious ethereal hemp wedding dress or a fashion forward tailored hemp jacket that impresses power, strength and wisdom upon passersby. In the mountains of Vermont, eco couture fashion designer Tara Lynn has launched a collection of hemp wedding dresses, women’s ready to wear and most recently a line of men’s hemp suits. 

    In October 2016 Tara Lynn won a local Vermont business pitch. She is actively seeking investors and talent to grow her brand into a lifestyle fashion company. “We are not just selling hemp clothing” clarifies Tara Lynn, “we are selling an exceptional experience, something that makes our customers feel really special.”


    Tara Lynn Scheidet began making custom hemp clothing in 1999 in New York. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, Tara Lynn moved to Vermont with the vision of opening a sustainable fashion house. In 2005, Tara Lynn opened her fashion house in Sutton, Vermont. She now draws couples from across the country, Canada and Europe looking for custom hemp wedding attire. You can contact Tara at taralynn@taralynnbridal.com or visit www.taralynnbridal.com.

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