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11 Jul 2019 11:11 AM | Erin Pully (Administrator)

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Green Hemp Farms / Green Farming Inc. 

Under the supervision of Mr. Keith Sprau, COO, Green Hemp Farms now called Green Farming Inc. has installed Ethos-6 Alcohol Extraction/distillation unit in their 15,000 sq ft Louisville, KY facility along with 150 acres of Hemp cultivation in Gravel Switch, KY with 500,000 clones produced at their own facility.

Green Hemp Farms has started their own Product line starting with CBD oil or wax infused Lotion, Sunscreen, Soap, Lip-balm, Pain cream and Candles.

For any questions, feel free to call Keith at 303-513-6362.

Peak Supply Co.

Peak Supply Co: Announcing Proprietary “Lost in the ‘Woods” aka LIT WOODS Inspired Backwoods™ Terpene Enhanced flavor line

The largest and most affordable retail and wholesale terpene provider today announces the launch of its industry-pioneering line of terpenes inspired and formulated to taste and smell like Backwoods™ cigars. 

[Santa Cruz, CA - June 27th, 2019]    Peak Supply Co is happy to announce their newest line of all-natural terpene enhanced flavors, rightfully named, Lost in the Woods. Peak Supply Co’s Lost in the Woods flavors are reverse engineered to taste and smell like Backwoods™ cigars. These unique flavor profiles are made with 100% terpenes and other natural plant derived flavors. They come in several different "flavor options", including the rare flavors like Banana, Grape, Russian Cream and Honey Bourbon. 

Lost in the Woods terpene-enhanced profiles are only made in small batches and are heavily scrutinized for irregularities to ensure the highest quality before selling to customers. Any flavors that don't match the flavor profiles of the real thing do not make it to shelves. By adding Lost in the Woods flavors to your concentrates, vape cartridges, and other CBD/THC products, you can expect your product lines to have a full-flavored taste reminiscent of real Backwoods™ cigars. 

Peak Supply Co’s Backwoods™ flavors are the very first of their kind. No other company in the industry has made terpene-enhanced formulations to match these unique flavors. With the massive demand for Backwoods™ flavors, there is already a lot of hype building around the release of these real cigar flavors in a vapeable form. In addition, Banana and Grape Backwoods™ cigars are not available in the United States, giving true Backwoods™ fans a way to taste these exotic flavors without traveling out of the country. 

Giving Customers What They Want 

A large part of Peak Supply Co's rapid growth has been attributed to its amazing customer driven innovation. Peak Supply Co's clientele has always been loyal and bonded to the brand. The Lost In The Woods flavor line has accomplished the goal of “Let’s give the people exactly what they want”. The connection between brand and customer has always been Peak Supply Co top priority. Sticking to these beliefs has produced record sales numbers and has made Peak Supply Co one of the fastest growing terpene companies in 2019.

About Peak Supply Co

Peak Supply Co offers the most substantial cultivar-specific terpene profile bank, enhanced terpene flavor inventories and bulk terpene isolate selections for sale online. They specialize in extensive B2C & B2B large scale wholesale ordering while offering efficient delivery management solutions with scalability in mind. Whether you need to buy terpenes for CBD, THC, or any other product infusions, Peak Supply Co is your one-stop shop for the best online terpenes for sale at the absolute best prices & unmatched quality. They offer all the materials necessary to help you create your own line of vape cartridges, including the cartridges themselves, the terpenes, and other cartridge filling supplies. Peak Supply Co’s All-In-One solution is offered to big brands, start-ups, and serious home-based entrepreneurs alike and includes everything from packaging design to supplies and branding strategy.

Opportunities with Peak Supply Co: 

If you're a start-up, existing company, processor, dispensary, headshop, grow store, health food store, smoke shop, vape shop, or e-commerce store, Peak Supply Co can service your company or- retail, wholesale, distribute, drop-ship and white label your brand. 

Peak Supply Co 

Phone 818-308-6227


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