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18 Dec 2017 12:14 AM | Anonymous

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Honest Herbal: Honest Herbal Aids Veterans with a 20 Percent Discount on CBD Hemp Products

University of Kentucky: Support the Hemp Research Gifts Fund! 

The Kentucky Tobacco Research & Development Center and the UK Department of Plant & Soil Sciences are joint participants in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program. The research within the College of Agriculture, Food & Environment, led by Dr. David Williams, is investigating agronomic parameters affecting field-scale production of industrial hemp. Experiments are aimed at optimizing yields of grain, fiber, and cannabinoids of interest.

Gifts to this fund will help to progress our knowledge of both hemp production and processing. At the same time, this support will contribute to the university mission of graduate education as many gifts will be used to fund train graduate students to participate in this research. This funding is particularly vital as federal research funding is not available for hemp research.

You can support the Hemp Research Gifts Fund HERE. Thank you for giving to the Hemp Research Gift Fund. We are grateful for your support!

Healthy Hemp

Healthy Hemp is overly excited to announce that our wholesale distribution, Healthy Hemp Solutions, has expanded!! That’s right! They now have their very own distribution center located in Highspire, Pennsylvania. We are now equipped with more space! From a tiny 900 sq. ft. space, to a more suitable 6,100 sq. ft. distribution center! We've been so grateful to have experienced such extreme growth in the last year that has enabled us to take the next step with our awesome team! You will definitely be hearing our name more often. We are on a strong and determined mission to free America's mind from the negative stigmas that have surrounded hemp, and the hemp industry for the last century. We will continue to break the negative stigmas surrounding hemp products and our industry. 

There is so much excitement coming our way in 2018! The MOST exciting thing is that we finally found a new brand and new products to add to the Healthy Hemp line-up. We are now the FIRST exclusive retailers for Relive Everyday. Relive Everyday is a wellness company committed to providing healthy and natural solutions for you and your family to Re-charge, Re-focus, and Re-Assure your best life! Together we will be delivering high-quality, hemp extract products to encourage positive health from the inside out. Relive Everyday wanted us to live our lives in good health so we can relive our best days, EVERYDAY! 

Relive Everyday will be releasing ALL NEW PRODUCTS IN 2018, including their very first Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract product, GUMMIES! That’s right, chewable, tasty, easy to take hemp extract gummies. Why purchase RE-ASSURE Broad Spectrum Gummies you ask? 

  • RE-ASSURE gummies are easy to take and perfect for individuals that have sensitivities to taste and texture- young or old! 
  • Easy, pre-determined amount of hemp extract per gummy (approx.10mg.). 
  • Great alternative to traditional tinctures, capsules and vapes.
  • On-the-go awesomeness! Keep in your gym bag, desk drawer, purse - wherever you go - RE-ASSURE can too!
  • 3 great tasting, natural flavors! Lime, orange and watermelon
  • Broad spectrum hemp extract means you get the benefits of the entire hemp plant, and it’s THC FREE! No more worries!

Make sure you’re following @HealthyHempLLC and @ReliveEverydayLLC on Facebook and Instagram, so you can be the first to know about these awesome products! Visit to sign up for their email updates! Interested in wholesale distribution? Email us or call 877.790.9514 

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