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Hempmeds Mexico

Balboa Park, San Diego

Sunday April 23


All ages

This Canna Village is a gathering of the top companies, leaders, and educators in the San Diego area teaching society about hemp and how we need to build a new world with this vitally useful plant, featuring all the uses, ie., for paper, food, plastic, medicine, construction, & more


Dion Markgraaff  - Chancellor ICU International Cannabis University

Mexican movement leaders -Raul Elizalde PorGrace Foundation & Steven Clarke Heavengrown

Chris Siegel President Association of Cannabis Professionals

Stuart Titus—CEO MJNA and General Hemp

Education area 

All day workshops making paper and construction items from this plant—en espanoel tambien

Music by

Pato Banton



 & more

Hemp Revival: We are here to advocate, educate, and celebrate the reemergence of the American hemp industry. From nutritious foods to applications in textiles and biofuel, hemp offers possibly the most versatile and sustainable crop known to existence. Stay up to date with hemp industry news, legislation changes, events, developing businesses and more! Check them out at

Healthy Oilseeds LLC: After receiving permission from the North Dakota State Agriculture Department, Healthy Oilseeds, LLC from Carrington, North Dakota is processing North Dakota grown hemp seed. Healthy Oilseeds is doing cold press expelling, roasting, milling hemp cake and milling whole seed. Healthy Oilseeds has been in business since 2002 processing specialty oilseeds.  In the 15 years Healthy Oilseeds has been in business we have done business in 36 states and 18 countries.  We hope to do hemp business in both America and exporting to many countries says Roger Gussiaas owner/president of Healthy Oilseeds, LLC.

CBDRx/Functional Remedies: Tim Gordon and CBDRx are Creating Superior Hemp Genetics Using State of the Art Technology

Vital Hemp: Check out the latest Vital Hemp newsletter and all of the new hemp fashions for spring!

Florida Hemp Processing: The Florida legislature has shut down hemp again this year.  The house bill put hemp in hemp prison for 5 years at the University.  The Senate bill had no appropriations in it so they put it in the Appropriations committee, the worst committee where it won't get heard.  

The Florida governor ran HCA/Columbia hospital system that was charged with the worst corporate fine in history (1999) for Medicare fraud.  He was retired by the Board and came to Florida where he built a chain of walk-in clinics.  The pharmaceutical industry fights hemp badly.

Bob Clayton gave an hour long interview on hemp and hempcrete on WMNF radio's permaculture hour in Tampa. They want to do it again so maybe Bob can help build their advocacy on the radio. WMNF is listener-supported so they can do alternative programming.

Foundations Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.: Check out their latest newsletter

Green Gorilla: Green Gorilla's Hemp & Olive CBD Line Featured in Variety Magazine's Legalization and Entertainment Special Issue April 11, 2017

Tiny Hemp Houses: 

Tiny Hemp Houses Experience:

Can you imagine spending a weekend with people that share a common interest? Do you have a desire to learn more about hemp building? Would you like to be involved in a team building activity working to create a remarkable, sustainable structure?  We not only build tiny houses, we connect people. We not only learn together to build with superior materials, but we band together to grow one another’s interest. We are all on a powerful mission together and these experiences, that attract people from all over the world, are unforgettable, inspirational and powerful.  Our aim is to create an experience that will provide lasting friendships and knowledge for the better of the planet.  Sign up today and become part of the global team of hemp entrepreneurs. 

Hempcrete Workshop- Bee Therapy House Build at La La, a Garden, Fort Collins, Colorado May 12-14, 2017

Click here for Tickets

Hands on experience Includes:

  • Hempcrete recipes, mixing and application.
  • History and examples of hempcrete structures.
  • Sourcing local materials for cost effectiveness.
  • Natural building techniques.
  • Alternative materials derived from hemp, including interior glazing with lignin.
  • Break-out sessions and garden demonstrations:
  • Lignin extraction, goat tending, leaf-fractioning,
  • Sharing economy and bio-mimicry.

This video shows an example of a bee-house in Canada. Most are in Russia. We will be building the first US Bee-Therapy House. The first world wide Hemp-Built therapy house. 

Register at

John Patterson- Lead Instructor

New Earth Organics & Hydroponics: New Earth Organics and Hydroponics in Louisville, Kentucky, is introducing a new nutrient schedule that is cannabis specific for their industrial hemp farmers. Their Custom Nutrient line of Grow, Bloom, Bloom Builder and Body Builder is perfect for drip line feeding. Body Builder will increase resin production and help your variety reach it's full genetic potential. New Earth Smart Tea is a biologically active, 100% organic nutrient that is perfect for drip line and foliar feeding, plus enriches the soil. These nutrients are widely used for commercial cannabis production and ideal for industrial hemp farmers growing high CBD crops. Why reinvent the wheel? Approved growers call 502.261.0005 or visit

Hemp Highway of Kentucky:

Hemp Highway of Kentucky Takes Fork in the Road, Offering Blank “Kentucky Hemp Est. 1775” brand Hemp Blend T-Shirts 

Just in time for Hemp History week and Summer Festival Season.

The Hemp Highway of Kentucky is proud to announce its private line of blank 60/40 Hemp/Cotton blend T-Shirts suitable for your business logo.  The shirts are offered under the brand “Kentucky Hemp Est. 1775” which is printed in a small 2 1/2” round image on the sleeve.   Cost is $15 with a minimum order of 10 shirts.  Individual shirts will be available retail at our website.   Mix and match sizes and available colors.  Arrangements can be made to put your artwork on the front of these amazing shirts.  

Please contact to start a conversation.

Hemp Picks LLC: 

Press Release for Hemp Picks LLC Opening

Demonstrating the industrial value of hemp in Parkersburg

The Point Park Marketplace has a new business that set up shop on April 20th in downtown Parkersburg. Robby Kerr and J. Morgan Leach are passionate entrepreneurs who launched Hemp Picks to educate the locals about industrial hemp and really demonstrate the industrial value of a once standard and vital crop in this country. 

Hemp Picks will provide a venue for those interested in hemp to shop for sustainable products or learn more about growing industrial hemp in West Virginia. 

Studying cannabis industries and assisting a variety of businesses, Robby Kerr is knowledgeable about what this new industry can offer West Virginia. “There is an educational gap in the distinction between hemp and marijuana”, Robby said, “and I enjoy showing the variety of sustainable products being developed for everyday use. People are shocked that such a valuable and versatile crop was prohibited during a majority of the 20th century”.

The Point Park Marketplace is fostering a festive environment for Parkersburg, and the interest in hemp is growing for the area. The store will offer art, educational materials, soap, musical instruments and accessories, foods, clothing, bags, tinctures, and lotions. For more information, visit their website at or email

CV Sciences: Check out CV Sciences' latest webinar, American Hemp and the Path to a Domestic Supply Chain,  presented by Josh Hendrix, Director of Business Development - Domestic Production.  

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