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IHF LLC - Industrial Hemp Farms
Colorado Springs
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United States
IHF LLC is a Colorado-based hemp farming and wholesale company. We are vertically integrated into all areas of the hemp farming and CBD industry, all the way from seed to sale. IHF LLC produces over 1000 hemp clones per day, has a feminized seed program and state-of-the-art CBD extraction facility. Our main products are: High CBD hemp biomass, CBD Hemp Clones, Seeds (feminized and unfeminized), Distilliate (T-Free and Regular), Hemp Oil, Isolate and wholesale smokeable hemp flower bud. We also offer services ranging from farming contracts to joint ventures. Please contact IHF LLC today to see how we could work together.
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  • Distributor
  • Farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Processor
  • Wholesale
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  • CBD
  • Seed/grain
  • Seed/planting
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