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McAllister Garfield is a full service law firm that pioneers legal strategies and services for the cannabis and hemp industries. The firm currently represents some of the leading cannabis and hemp companies in Colorado and nationwide and represents a large number of ancillary and related businesses; including lenders, investors, landlords, social media companies, trim companies, consultants, vendors, inventors, and packaging companies.

The Firm assists new businesses and investors with starting companies in drafting corporate agreements, commercial leases, and financing documents and providing legal advice on how to sucessfully obtain all required licenses. Beyond start-up, the Firm helps clients understand and maintain full compliance with the complicated rules in this highly regulated industry. The Firm also helps clients in maintaining and expanding their businesses; including assistance in securing additional financials, drafting employment agreements, vendor contracts, licensing agreements and any other transactional work required of a growing business.

Additionally, the Firm is well known for defending businesses against rule violations and negotiating successful outcomes, at both the state and local levels. Finally, the Firm also has significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions, including the buying and selling of marijuana licenses and their related businesses.

McAllister Garfield is continuing to help its client expand their cannabis and hemp businesses into emerging markets. Currently, the Firm is based in Denver, Colorado, with offices in San Diego and Los Angeles, California. The Firm is licensed to practice in Colorado, California, Florida, and Oregon.
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